Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ethics and Technology Video

State Information Technology Ethics

The video gave the definition of ethics. It also had people pictures in it that they considered with good ethics such as Jesus, Plato,and Mother Teresa. There were also people in the video that was considered unethical such as Adolf Hitler, Michael Vick, and Marthat Stwart to name a few. I really enjoyed the music and lyrics to the song that was playing as I read the information. There is a question in the song that ask the question "Where did all the good people go?" The video viewed information on Issues affected by techonology which included information about intellectual property which I read more about in an article entitled "Do Student Respect Intellectual Property?" Copy right laws and how to used them along with fair use doctrine and counterfiet software. The video explain that information has no ethics and it does not care how we use it. It will not stop sending out viruses, spam or highly sensitive information. Hackers has no ethics. They use the computer to obtain information that is private infpramtion of others in or to use it in the wrong way.

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  1. I also used this video for my blog. I like the way the creator used his own personal views of people who are ethical and nonethical.