Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eportfolio Article Response

Open source eportfolio: development and implementation of an institution-wide
Electronic portfolio platform for students

In the article the author discusses a few types of portfolios such a business and financial. The article discussed educational portfolio and how students create their own portfolio. Education Portfolio is a collection of exhibits relating to the abilities of students or pupils. Portfolios have been in the education world since the early 1900. The article gives important steps on how students should develop their portfolio, how much time should be devoted to developing to the portfolio, and how much assistance should be given by the teacher who is referred to as the “course tutor.” The general characteristics of portfolio in education are: student-centered, competence-oriented, cyclical with regard to action and reflection, and multimedia-oriented. To give a brief description of a couple: in student-centered the student manages their own portfolios, decide on the objectives, content and format of their portfolio. The portfolio is put together by the student. While developing the portfolio the student may make right or wrong decisions in doing so. The student is the person who bears the ultimate responsibility for his/her portfolio, but this does not relieve the course teacher from her responsibility of determining whether or not the student fits within the professional profile. Competence involves all aspects of the student functioning. The student wants to develop the portfolio to show his/her competence.
To give other point of the article the author discuss how portfolios are develop in physical education and how teachers use portfolios in general education as an evaluation as an assessment tool. It also discusses how doctoral students use portfolios as their final piece of work. Portfolios can also be used as a lifelong tool after the student receives his/her doctorate. After reading this article, I obtained a great deal of knowledge on portfolios, how they are developed, how they are used, and how I can develop and use a personal and/or portfolio in the future.

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